Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Coach Approach to Writing

I serve as my own writing coach, and long before I bring my efforts to anyone else’s attention, I have to get something written.  This is when I have to be self-aware.  Sometimes I have to make a list of the things that are preventing me from applying my fingers to the keyboard.  I follow this valuable advice, gleaned long ago about a different sort of Point of View. 

There are many ways to view any given situation, and no perspective is more correct than any other.  The more perspectives I can see means I have more potential solutions.  Since my view of a problem dictates the solution, and since all views are viable, I try to choose a perspective that offers a solution.  

Why am I not writing?  This title is one that I use often, as I gather my resources and begin writing.  A sample list follows; including some breakthrough thoughts in italics. 

·       Time and ideas are my most common problems; not enough of the first and too many of the later.

·       But it just takes a change of attitude about time.  I will be interrupted, I think, but then it might not happen.  Who says that I don’t have enough time to start or finish something?  There is no time like the present.  (I find that a project started has a certain momentum of its own.  I will return to work on it, even on a day when my time for writing is fractured.)

·       As for the too many ideas, the abundance could be more comforting than alarming, with the right view point.  (I find that if my attitudes are adjusted to something more positive, the excuses will drop away.)