Thursday, October 10, 2019

We, Who Write,

are called to entertain and inform,

to lift the corner on the mask,

to pull back the blanket of denial,

and to uncover the kernel of truth

that otherwise would remain

in the shadows,


Sunday, October 6, 2019

October's Link and Read

This month I am instructing at a writer’s workshop. This isn’t something I sought but when the door opens and you’re asked to step through, it is time to say yes. I’m also collaborating with someone writing a book about obesity and the weight loss journey. This is another thing that arrived in my life rather unexpectedly but it seems the thing to do. 
I've volunteered as a guest editor at 101 Words for another season. I helped out there last winter. It's a useful site for beginning writers - to read and to contribute. The editors are very helpful and so are the readers who post comments for each story. It's like a mini flash fiction coaching session. Oh. 101 words exactly and don't submit more than once every 7 days, we check. 
I have found that I'm really not interested in blogging at the moment, so September's launch of Link and Read is now a once only deal. 
I will be working with this blog so that I can link you to my published fictions. That's the main purpose of this blog, so back to the basics. 

In the meantime, here are three links to stories published in 2019. 

Day Zero at
Two flash fictions are featured at the next link. Genealogy Peace & Not so Alone, Not so Crazy. Page 1 and page 2 of Circle Show Winter/Spring 2019
And is where you'll find my short story titled Paper Promises