Friday, October 12, 2018

Black Mirrors at The Coachella Review

I don't have the records to count but I have been sending short stories to The Coachella Review for many years now. (They were always prompt with their rejections.) I kept on trying and here is the fruits of that labor - my first story published by them. Black Mirrors is another story that sat for a few years and then underwent  revisions before finding this home.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Revision Equals Publication

Seagulls from Vancouver Island

One of my stories contains scenery from our trip to Vancouver Island a couple of years ago. The amount of setting that I use varies a great deal from story, but I think that A Thing Spoilt wouldn't be a story without the setting.
Another thing that I find interesting about this story is during revision the title was revised. So the former Vice Versa became A Thing Spoilt. I was mid-revisions when the good folks at Ambrose University approached me about revising Vice Versa for inclusion in their Ambrosia - Ambrose University Literary Review. I carried on and this is the result. Ambrosia Page 23 is where you will find A Thing Spoilt.

Another short story that I revised this summer and found a publication home is Behind the Glass. Down in the Dirt. It takes a bit to find my work at this site but if you can locate the writer list and wade through it, you will find Liz Betz alphabetically in amongst the B's. All of my stories that Down in the Dirt has published are linked from my name. I have been featured in a number of issues and I appreciate their vote of confidence in my writing.