Saturday, July 22, 2017

Expanding the Comfort Zone

I have in mind to write a novel and I have started that.  It’s slow going but there is progress.  In the meantime I’m doing some outside the novel work.  I’m expanding my comfort zone.  This goal came to me in the form of a book called Writing as a Sacred Path.  I didn’t expect to need another advice book; even a non-writing friend marveled that I was still seeking to learn more of writing. 

Within the book are some experiments beyond what I already know.  Some of them have actually caused me to be fearful and I’m interested in the point where that begins, so I can understand and work with the limitations within my confidence.  Trepidation and caution were the order of the day when I worked a trance-evoking exercise.  My fears of calling upon the unknown, unleashing power from the forces of occult seemed more than I could handle.  This was definitely beyond my comfort zone.  Was it exactly what I needed?  I tried two of the three possible methods for trance evoking and found that drumming suited me far better than staring at an object. As far as my worries about being in a trance…they were flights of imagination and not based on reality.

My report on this exercise…I’m impressed – simple and effective.   I modified the experiment to suit me which added to my self-confidence.  Writing is never about doing it the way you are told, it is always about finding your own way to the page.  I did find another method of staying at the writing project until something comes forth.