Thursday, May 21, 2015

Novel Thinking

To write a novel is writing, just like writing a short story.  Or so I thought.  Truth of the matter is, I'm going to have to think differently to make progress on the novel.  So be it.  I have to back up a little bit and train my mind to think long, instead of short.  I have to expand my vision and reach deeper and wider and broader.  I have been able to learn the mechanics of short stories, so this is the same idea, learn the mechanics.  Delight a little in the bigger playground.  Reach.  Grow.  Go forward. 
This year the tulips look a little sparse, but as they multiply they will fill in. 
Like a novel will, as I give it time and attention. 
Thanks for the tulip bulbs and the friendship and support, Linda. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Writing Stages

All of writing is a stage.
Yes, it is a little play on Shakespeare but indulge me as I continue.  This writer has the stage of discontent, usually when I am between projects, or I am slugging it through to the end of a project.  This stage has to be the darkest. 
Then there is the stage of anticipation.  There is a glimmer or a scent that I follow, stumbling along.  I find encouragement in these tentative first steps.  The urge to write is brightening the set. 
Along comes the most important stage – the stage of commitment.  Yes.  I will. 
Discovery follows.  This stage is populated by a pair of actors in dialogue.  One actor is decision, the other is development and between the two of them, a story line emerges.   And the immersion and the epiphany and the delight.  The exciting part of writing is here in this stage.  Not to mention the fulfillment that follows.  Take a bow, I say and then…

Exit the stage and get ready to repeat. 



Monday, May 11, 2015

No Break From Writing

Apparently a rest is not what I needed at all.  Welcome back to my readers.  There will be no break and right away there will be more postings. 

The first thing that happened when I contemplated a break from writing is that I felt worse.  Stressors multiplied, solutions eluded me.  I turned inwards with sorrow and I turned outward with blame.  To put it bluntly, things went for ‘shite’. 

Writing is the answer for me.  So just like the patient who is sorry they went off their meds and returns sheepishly to their doctor, I’m back. 

And my advice to myself – when something works, don’t quit it.