Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Alternate careers.  I sometimes wonder what other career choices I might have made… IF. 

If I had went to college or university.  If I had decided not to marry or to have children.  If I had explored a few more options at a few more times.  If money was not a hurdle, or distance or age.  If.  Small word – infinite explorations. 

A nest of the paper wasp

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Body of Work


It happened by increments and while I knew my publication credits were growing, I didn’t know exactly how many short stories I have had published.  My first short story was ‘Miriam’s Village’ published by Green’s magazine in 2002.  Green’s magazine is no more but many a novice writer found acceptance there, plus advice and encouragement from David Green.  I wish I knew the rest of his story, but I don’t. 

It is 2016, some 14 years later.  Some of those years I didn’t write short stories, some I did.  Now I am writing short stories exclusively.  Recently, while cleaning out files, I decided to tally my published short stories.  Twenty seven!!  I would not have guessed it to be that high a number but I counted them twice and I really have published that many.  Then before the week was out, I received acceptance for #28.  Funny thing about this is, now I believe that I am a short story writer.  I hope I don’t appear puffed up over myself, but I have had my confidence steadied.  I even believe I know what I am doing.  I’d like to thank many people who supported me through this but today I am thinking about David Green, one of the first editors that saw potential and gave his  acknowledgement of my dream. 
I write short stories.