Saturday, June 29, 2019

Meeting Rex

We live in a curious culture.   We have been groomed to believe that if we do everything right, that no harm will befall us. Can we prevent anything from happening?  I wonder.
Our culture welcomes any physical diagnosis, over one that questions our sanity – chronic fatigue replaces bad nerves.  Chemical imbalances more acceptable than the crazy label. 
There’s a line in a song, that I’m fond of that goes like this.  “I’ve always been crazy but it’s helped me from going insane.” 
I met Rex.  He’s a dog. We talk about these things.  It seems perfectly sane to me.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Ten Minutes

Ten minutes have passed but Carmen hasn’t managed two minutes of work. She’s aggravated. Any second now she expects she will be interrupted again.

Her tablet helpfully asks if she wants to go to where she left off. She taps the screen and is zipped to the half-finished sentence. What did she have in mind there? If she can’t remember…she’ll have to figure something else out.

It’s impossible, she wants to yell, but in the past, she has managed just fine. Today is just one of those days, with lots of interruptions. But ten minutes have passed, she could be writing. 

Saturday, June 15, 2019


If you woke to see your future it would make you dizzy. But when I woke dizzy for the second day in a row, I believed my future had come to see me.  

I thought I’d had a mini-stroke and next would be the ‘big’ one. I would have to adjust to being an invalid, my normal brand new. What would I do then? I couldn’t imagine. But then as I came into my day, I was fairly steady.

That is except for my wonky imagination. It kept spinning around in a mad little circle until I found myself quite faint.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

On Wednesday

Lunch on Wednesday involved a couple of choices that were not successful. First the rye bread that we like is far better not toasted but until it popped out brown, warm and really dry and hard, that detail is forgotten. The soup had a tang of salsa, which is nice on its own but coupled with lemon dressed sardines topping the toast, left a weird taste in the mouth.

What really seems noteworthy is that the day before I asked ‘when is the last time that you had a bad meal?’

Now the answer to that question would be ‘On Wednesday.’