Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A little funny compliment

And since things have been busy for me, there has been a decided lack of posts here at my BlogSpot.   Sorry about that.  But I have been busy and even through my summer holidays the writer has been at work.  And the marketer is working too. 

I have received the hardcopy version of Transistion who took my short story 'Gamble'.  They ask for and received a very condensed version of this story, but I am grateful and pleased with this publication.  I will link you to this.  You will need to click on 'Get Involved' then Transistion before you can choose the Summer 2014 Issue and open the PDF.  My story is on page 18.  And if you do all of this just to read it, thank you. Summer 2014 Transition  And while you are at it, I see that they now have Spring 2012 issue in the right spot and you can find my story The Hunting on page 60 of that issue.    Again, if you go through all of that just to read these stories, I'm a grateful writer. 

Funny thing happened - I sent them a bio that included a list of my publications.  Apparently they believed that my bio was too long and they condensed it.  It reads - Liz Betz, a rural Albertan writer who is widely published.  I smiled.  And then I thought it was a flattering take.  And then I thought it's true.  Or true enough. 

That's all for now.  The next while I will be travelling but I am going to dream up options for the next writing projects.  So that is my plan.