Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Organized Market Binder

This writer is keen on being published. That means marketing. And the steps to marketing are a lot of effort. So I am rather pleased with myself because I have an organized market binder. It helps me, and rather quickly I must add, decide where to send a particular story. I can tell at a glance if the market is open, if it has a good track record with replies, if my word count (or theme) suits their needs. I can also tell easily if I already have a story with them. Twice last year, I had two stories at one market which is not very professional at all. It was this fact that prompted me to revise my marketing routine.

My binder consists of three components. The first is a three page list of the markets I have gleaned from many sources. I mark a little = sign beside the markets that I send a story to. Then as they return home I make that symbol into a #, so I know that market is open again.

The second component is my cheat sheets. These are sturdy binder dividers that come in various colors which made it easy to have a colour code for the markets too. Each market has 1/3 of the divider page where vital information is noted. The submitting address and the desired word count are two basics, but other things such as reading periods, policies on frequency of submitting and whether or not they are okay with simultaneous submissions go here as well.

The third part is a diary page for each story. The title and word count are at the top. Then I record where the story has gone to, the dates I sent them off and the dates I got a reply. And just once in a while, I get to move the story diary into the done file because it has been accepted.

It hasn't been very long that my new improved marketing binder has been finished but I've already found it to be very helpful. Good job, me.