Monday, May 25, 2020

Two New Stories - Otherwise Engaged and The Hoarder Gene

The Otherwise Engaged story is #one of a set of four that I call the Sheila Stories. The Hoarder Gene is the result of my personal interest in the hoarding disorder, formerly titled Flat Surfaces. I hope you enjoy both. Go to the links directly under the photo of Buffalo Beans a.k.a. Golden Beans.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Covid Writing

The isolation and restrictions involved with the pandemic have been good for my writing. I have the time and I don't have distractions. But to write about the world today has been too much for me and mostly I have stayed away. Dystopia isn't my thing. But I did write a little the other day, in response to a submission call. They turned it down. I thought I would share it here.

Welcome and Farewell.

Two envelopes need to be delivered. 
One bears the name of my nephew and his wife and inside is money for them to buy something for the new baby. I’ve added a personal note on the card. “I would have loved to shop for your baby girl, but this way I’m positive you’ll like the item purchased.” I am unlikely to see the new baby until some point in the future. This child has entered the strange reality of a pandemic lockdown; there will be no baby shower. I’m mailing the card next week.
The second is addressed To the family of M__________. Inside is a donation to the charity of her choice, “in memory of” and a condolence card. There are far too many memories to condense into a personal note. We’ve been neighbors and friends for years and years. I last saw my neighbor mid-February before this all started, and when we returned from a trip three weeks later, the Covid 19 restrictions had fallen between us. There will be no funeral. I’m delivering the card today, curbside.
Welcome and Farewell. Farwell and Welcome. We are saying goodbye to many things, on a personal and societal level. The welcome that we must accomplish contains so many unknowns. 
Two envelopes need to be delivered. 

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Wow - the middle of February, already

In a little while, a pair of writers will celebrate a 20 year long association. That pair includes my very good friend Linda and myself.
How does 20 years go by so fast? One day at a time but also in a big blur of satisfying exchanges, help given and help offered, face to face and via emails. Oh my, the emails. They go back and forth almost daily. Writer's practice? Connections? Both.
Inspiration? Critical analysis (aka editing help)? Both.
In the spirit of inspiration, (and adding something to the blog) I offer these words from Robert Rauschenberg.
The first step is to see the possibilities of the material.
Writing advice? Yes.
Living advice? Yes.
To Linda who saw the possibilities of me becoming a writer.
Thank you.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Weighing In

The collaboration that started last September (2019) is complete. Weighing In is now available through Amazon as a kindle book and in a print format. Now, on to the next thing.