Saturday, May 18, 2019

Aunties with Niece




“Land sakes alive, the good Lord created more unusual creatures than you could imagine, and there’s the proof you need right there.  In the firmament and in the heavens, you is as unique as a snowflake in Louisiana!  You is!  Now let me see what we are going to do with you.  You got real nice cheekbones, what say we gives you some nice rouge and make ‘em pop.  Then if we gives you a rinse of color for your hair, fluffs it up and updates your wardrobe, why you’d be a stunner.” 


“This is so wrong!  You need to be happy in your own skin.  No boyfriend can give you that, and believe you me, they skitter off the minute you get that needy thing going on.  You are special and he’s just a boy, they come along like a bus, one every couple of minutes.  In the city that is.


“But I want Steve so bad.  He likes blondes and he likes funniness and he is always the center of a laughing group.  Just let me practice being funny, just get the ball rolling and then he’ll take a look at me too.  After that, I won’t need nothing from life, if I just can be with him.” 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

He Chugs Beer

She’s overlooked crucial data.
He’s on his third beer and chugging it. A dribble escapes his mouth to reach his chin. He uses his sleeve to wipe his mouth. His biceps make her gasp. He gives her a lopsided grin, and brushes back a wave of glossy hair. He could model for a living and never touch a greasy wrench again.
A friend said they’d make a cute couple. But hers is a different world and he wouldn’t suit. For if he fits there, it means she doesn’t.
She sips at her wine. Takes a second look. Her knees feel weak.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


She reads about the smooth transition between mental activity and physical activity. Reading is more cerebral than action based, but in her defense, she is figuring things out. A procrastinator needs to have a plan of action. She’s working on that.
The phone rings and the caller asks what she is doing. She can’t answer planning, so instead she says she was reading a book.
“Good. You have time to help me clean out my garage. I’ve put it off long enough.”
She says yes, after all, this request came smoothly and she wasn’t really doing anything.
That’s so true.



Saturday, April 27, 2019

Written in the Stars

“Congratulations, you have won a free consultation.” A heavily accented voice tells me that he’s calling from Montreal’s Astrology Center.
 How unusual. "Where?"
“The Astrology Center. I will transfer you so that you can receive your free consultation.”
“Thank you but I am not interested. Have a good day.” I hang up.
But I wonder. Have I turned down a mystic message? What would my consultation have revealed? How quickly would I have been asked for money or information?
My phone displays the call came from Ontario. The Astrology Center is not in Montreal, their stars cannot be trusted. Too bad.



Saturday, April 20, 2019

Tea Leaf Reader

I read tea leaves.  It’s an old art; a simple form of fortune telling. There is one definite rule. Don’t leave people without hope. Sure, there’s memory work to do but often it’s a matter of reading the people not the tea leaves. Their body language, or their own words, they give it away.

I’ve never been mean. I’ve always made sure that I’ve softened the blow if it looks like I’ve struck a nerve.  People have enough burdens without my adding to them with a bleak reading.
Wouldn’t you like a cup of tea? Is something is on your mind? 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rita's Bear

Rita sees the bear. It checks the mirror on the truck like a paramour concerned about their hair before a date, then drops to all fours.

It’s her first bear sighting. As a newcomer to the wilderness community the event is also an initiation; her reactions will be noted. Wonderfully, she’s excited but not afraid. This surprises her, she had worried.  

Across the street someone spots the bear and darts back inside as though their heart had stopped but their feet sprouted wings.

Rita hadn’t done that. Her first bear story is how she saw the bear before it saw her.   

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Shaving Mirror

Catherine looks into the shaving mirror that is in Herb’s drawer.  He hadn’t used it for years.

“Leave this drawer alone.” He said. “These are my things.”

His tone is not to be argued with, but she had not dreamt his gruffness was about a secret. Beneath a couple of cuff-link boxes and his passport is a bundle of letters. 

She stops. It’s Pandora’s box. A secret lover, a second set of children, a relative whose favor he tried to cultivate, his birth mother, all reasons for a secret correspondence.

The face in the shaving mirror is no one Catherine knows.