Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Plan

Number 8. I will attend spin classes.

Number 9. Every day I will read one chapter from my self-help library. I will change.

She pauses as her teeth worry at her bottom lip. Then in bold stroke capital letters she adds something.


She felt like phoning someone to share her good news. This is a good plan and it is going to work. 1 to 10 in black and white. Black and white? Frick, that’s boring. Not creative like she is.

“I’m buying colored papers and pens.” She said. “To do this right.”

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Published Here - Odor

This is something new for me in two ways. First I have been having some fun with very short flash fiction projects. Second I don't intend to seek publication for them in the marketplace. I thought I would just share them here. New year equals a new idea. Hope you like it.



The manor is cramped and Catherine’s husband often stumbles on the strategically placed furniture. He doesn’t like anyone, and unhappily isn’t interested in any of the provided activities. 

He complains he can’t even fart in private; not that it mattered before.  But he’s extremely gassy and when he dies two months later at 77, Catherine believes she should have known.   

It is said he had a good run even if he wasn’t a ripe old age.   

Riper than you would believe. Catherine collapses in laughter that leaves her wiping her eyes. 
If the end can be smelled…she sniffs the air. 


Sunday, December 30, 2018

One Funny Notion = a Experimental Story

I picked up an instruction book about scrapbooking and as I flipped through its pages I felt there was a story waiting for me. It would be non-linear in form - a departure from my normal writing. I took another book, one about death and the work a dying person might choose to undertake. Then I wrote Memories By Design, using chapter titles from the scrapbooking book and concepts imagined.

The completed story took a few detours in the publishing industry where the story was accepted by a market that then closed their doors. More submissions followed and Black Dog Review said yes but asked for revisions. I am always grateful for editorial perspective and guidance, this time was no different. The finished piece is one that I'm proud of. You can read it here. Memories By Design -at Black Dog Review

This story is the last of eleven publication credits for 2018. It was a good year. I'm looking forward to 2019 and what it might bring.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Every Day Fiction

It's a cool site, the Every Day Fiction home and now I join the ranks of authors published there. The Fire is a flash fiction piece - less than 500 words that explores something dark. I had fun writing it and the editors at Every Day Fiction gave me the opportunity to do some guided revisions. End result =The Fire

Friday, October 12, 2018

Black Mirrors at The Coachella Review

I don't have the records to count but I have been sending short stories to The Coachella Review for many years now. (They were always prompt with their rejections.) I kept on trying and here is the fruits of that labor - my first story published by them. Black Mirrors is another story that sat for a few years and then underwent  revisions before finding this home.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Revision Equals Publication

Seagulls from Vancouver Island

One of my stories contains scenery from our trip to Vancouver Island a couple of years ago. The amount of setting that I use varies a great deal from story, but I think that A Thing Spoilt wouldn't be a story without the setting.
Another thing that I find interesting about this story is during revision the title was revised. So the former Vice Versa became A Thing Spoilt. I was mid-revisions when the good folks at Ambrose University approached me about revising Vice Versa for inclusion in their Ambrosia - Ambrose University Literary Review. I carried on and this is the result. Ambrosia Page 23 is where you will find A Thing Spoilt.

Another short story that I revised this summer and found a publication home is Behind the Glass. Down in the Dirt. It takes a bit to find my work at this site but if you can locate the writer list and wade through it, you will find Liz Betz alphabetically in amongst the B's. All of my stories that Down in the Dirt has published are linked from my name. I have been featured in a number of issues and I appreciate their vote of confidence in my writing. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Tally. Oh!

In a short time, another story of mine will be online, published by The Coachella Review. It is titled Black Mirrors. The story is one that I successfully took through deep revisions this summer.

Do I often do revisions? No. But I happened on a file of my stories that had been marketed but weren’t accepted. I had retired but not discarded them. I certainly had fresh eyes when I came back to these stories; it had been five or six years since some were written. In the meantime, I had gained some skills and like a good editor, I was able to see the weaknesses and strengths of my stories.

This does take objectivity. I have a tendency to fall in love with my stories as I write them. My darlings are perfect, I think, until I have time enough to detach.

This does take time. My summer, busy as it was, did have little blocks of home time that I thought would suit my revision projects. I’m willing to add that it takes confidence. I believed could make these stories publishable.

When the acceptance email came through about Black Mirrors, I checked my records. This is the eighth story of mine accepted so far in 2018. Then a week or so later, I returned to the records to answer another question. There are four revised stories of this year among those accepted. The other four were new, recently written stories. Three of those are flash fiction, something that I dabbled in this year for the first time. A decent tally, but not to rest too long, it’s Oh. Onward!

A Newfoundland garden plot - a picture from my busy summer.