Saturday, May 16, 2015

Writing Stages

All of writing is a stage.
Yes, it is a little play on Shakespeare but indulge me as I continue.  This writer has the stage of discontent, usually when I am between projects, or I am slugging it through to the end of a project.  This stage has to be the darkest. 
Then there is the stage of anticipation.  There is a glimmer or a scent that I follow, stumbling along.  I find encouragement in these tentative first steps.  The urge to write is brightening the set. 
Along comes the most important stage – the stage of commitment.  Yes.  I will. 
Discovery follows.  This stage is populated by a pair of actors in dialogue.  One actor is decision, the other is development and between the two of them, a story line emerges.   And the immersion and the epiphany and the delight.  The exciting part of writing is here in this stage.  Not to mention the fulfillment that follows.  Take a bow, I say and then…

Exit the stage and get ready to repeat. 



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