Sunday, May 15, 2016

Blog Number Three - Lymphedema Logbook

Liz's Lymphedema Logbook is the first draft of my non-fiction book, that I am writing blog by blog. I arrived at this project inspired by several things of my life.  First and foremost is the challenge of lymphedema and the isolation involved.  It isn't easy getting the necessary assistance from the health agencies.  It isn't easy managing this condition on a day to day basis. The emotional impact is significant as well.  I have come to my seventh year with lymphedema and I have managed to thrive.  I want to share what I know, because I would have been helped so much had someone shared with me.  If this has the flavor of being a mission statement, perhaps it is. 

The second reason that I set my keyboard to this project is I have a long term goal of writing a book and having it published. 

I believe that Liz's Lymphedema Logbook will be published and even if it doesn't, there will be things that I learn, in this effort that will help with the next. 

So blog by blog and step by step, it is begun. 

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