Friday, February 6, 2015

A New Level of Care - Writer's Process

 I undertook a little experiment three months ago.  I began to write my short stories with a   Countdown Method.   Day one’s work was titled with (10) as part of the file name.  Moving to day two, the story then became titled with (9) and so forth.  This has proved to keep me moving along.  Decisions had to be made as well as progress because by the time I get to (1), I wanted to have completed the first draft of the story.  It has worked for four stories, which is a significant success. 
Today I have launched a new experiment.  Each day I intend to write a statement that expresses my heart’s involvement with the story.  A sentence or paragraph titled -Why I Care.  Sometimes I can be detached from my writing.  I want that to change.  I want to be less ‘look at me, I’m writing’ and more ‘this is the birth and I am the midwife.’   
Reports will be made.  
Looking to the heart of things


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