Thursday, March 5, 2015

In The Mail

I have mailed my entry to Alberta Views, with a kiss for luck and a stamp that cost me $1.90.  I'm tempted to add up the hours that I've worked on this particular story, but I think that's rather a bad idea. There were lots, but if I ever had any doubts about 'caring' for a piece of writing, this story proved that I care lots.  It features a World War 11 veteran in the year of 1999 and was inspired my Uncle Ralph's comment about money not being allowed in the extended care.  The rest of the story...well who really knows where stories come from. 
I certainly gave it my best efforts, including vetting it with my two writer friends, (thank you again Cheryl and Linda) and even letting my husband read it.  He's really excellent at finding the tiny spelling errors and sure enough, page 10 had one.  Nice catch.  So it's the best I could make it and it's sent.  On to the next thing.