Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Project Growth

It hasn't been as productive a week as I'd hoped but while I wasn't sitting at home writing, I was catching up with friends and family.  Today, however, I am back at the keyboard.  And I have taken my little seed of an idea and now there are a couple of green leaves coming out of the soil.  That particular metaphor was easy as I have started some plants this year and that is exactly the stage my gardening project is at. 

This seed sprouting metaphor should tell you that I'm not the type of writer that does a lot of pre-plotting.  I have called my style of composition to be discovery and development.  So I have discovered the 'first thing' that happens.  I will develop that as I write.  But the good news is that the 'first thing' is large enough to carry the weight of a novel. 

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