Monday, March 9, 2015

97, 98, 99.....

I'm about to hit 100 submissions that have gone through the Submittable manager website.  Not every market that I submit to uses Submittable but a large percentage do.  It's pretty cool, actually.  It keeps track of things for the writer.  I can see whether my stories are marked as 'received' or 'in progress' at the active page, which lists my stories that are in the market place waiting for the editors to make up their minds.  My accepted list is rather short, my rejected list sincerely long, but just for kicks, I checked out the All page.  And there it was ...99.  That's the number of submissions I have made through this site since 2010.  I would have to dig into my records at home to add in the submissions made to other markets but for now, I think 99 is a pretty awesome record. 

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