Friday, February 19, 2016

Write Now

I've written about writing as long as I've been actively an author.  Here's an old piece that I want to share.
Write Now
Ever set out to do something?  And nothing happens? As a person who strives for accomplishment but then fails, I have been known to blame the beginnings.  Here are some things I have said to myself;

It wasn’t that good an idea in the first place.  I might chastise myself by thinking if I had thought it through; I would have chosen something else.

Or I might second guess myself.  This one didn’t fit, I need something easier, or more of a challenge.

I might decide that I’m not capable enough. I need a coach to help me.

I need to uncover the flaws I must correct (the plan before the plan). 

 Oh.  It’s a slippery slope. 

Here are my thoughts about beginnings from the perspective of a reformed procrastinator.  The beginnings don’t have to be perfect.  Any action toward the goal is good.  The beginning is one step, only.  It fits perfectly with what I am calling my guiding motto. 

“What do you have? Where are you at? What can you do?  Now.”

Push onward.