Thursday, February 4, 2016

Casting My Net

Apparently I think in fishing metaphors, because here I am at the beginning of writing a new story and I refer to the process as Casting My Net.  I begin by opening a notebook and recording the bits and pieces that catch my attention.  Random dialogue from my own world, phrases and ideas from the world of television or books are written down.  Pondering occurs, mulling as well, and slowly but surely a few decisions are made.  Friendship then, I write.  Betrayal as well, but not as the victim but from the viewpoint of the person who has failed to do right.  Why?  How?  Who are the people involved?  What is their relationship? 
Each of the notes that I make - the fish that I catch in my net - can point me in numerous directions.  Can connections be made? Is this something that I want to write about? 
The fish wiggle, some slip through the net, some I will release, the story is the catch.  I'm getting wet with words as the story ideas flow. 

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