Monday, February 8, 2016

Trained Writer

These words popped out of my reading and I thought this is the term that describes me.  I am no longer a dreamer, I am a writer.  I am no longer a beginner, I am a trained writer.  I have been trained by my efforts and I do know certain things.  I won’t claim to be a polished, seasoned and acclaimed writer, but I have earned the term diligent.  I have been introduced as a diligent blogger.  I am not lazy with my short story writing either.  I work hard at this writing business and as I train myself, I find that I work smarter as well. 
I don’t need someone else to tell me that ‘something has to happen’; I am trained to write fiction that way.  I can recognize certain flaws and I can correct them.  I know when I slip out of tenses, or when I use passive phraseology.  I have trained myself to build stories that have plot, characterizations and settings.  I am trained to edit and to revise and to submit diligently.  
One of the more recent developments in my training has been a relaxed approach to the stages of story development.   There is a process that I go through and I can expect something similar for each story. 
I know that I will fill a few pages before the ‘spark’ of the story arrives.  I know that story decisions will be fluid at the beginning, until I decide who the story belongs to and how they want to tell it.  I know how to gather enough material so the story has weight and warmth.  And because I know these things are part of writing the story, I accept the work involved.  And I don’t get tense about it.   

The biggest reason that I know I am a trained writer is that I no longer despair about all there is to learn about writing.  Instead I find delight.