Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Showing Up

There is no other way for a writer to write than to show up.  And through the years I have taught myself how to do that.  I've had a keen interest in reading how other writers do this, but in the end it is up to Liz Betz to put herself at the keyboard. 
And there is where you'll find me. 
The writer process that I am employing at the moment is close reading of a master story teller.  John Updike's 'My Father's Tears' is my collection to study and use a model.  He's miles ahead of me, but I'm stretching myself to echo his methods. 
In the last few days I employed a set of 40 questions - from a Writer Digest book - to study my own feelings as I read one of his stories.  I loved what I discovered.  Not only did I get back in touch with being a reader, the writer in me discovered some very important concepts.  In all, it was great to show up for this. 

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