Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Query Letter - Done This Morning!

The Update- 

Everything is finished.  The query letter has been sent.  The wait begins now.  This collaboration may or may not be accepted at the market, but it is already a success. Together with Linda White and Cheryl Whitten (visit their websites - see side bar) I have been part of a exciting journey to produce the article and the query letter.  Pretty cool.  And very satisfying as well.  Good job, all of us.

The original post -  


I am so thankful that I have fellow writers to help me.  I'm trying to draft a query letter and I am finding it very difficult.  So the e-mails go back and forth and slowly it is coming together.  It's my first query and I want to be as professional as possible.  It is a baby step towards a more intimidating goal, and with 'group' support I hope to take it successfully.  Thank you Wainwright Writers Group members Cheryl and Linda. 

The writer has to be a marketer too. 

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