Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Two Weeks In

Two weeks ago, I launched a 100 day challenge.  So, by my calculations that means I have 86 days to go.  I’m not exactly close to the home stretch, am I?  

The experiment has already taught me a few things or I’ve remembered them.  The first is that there is time for this.  I’ve always had the time; I just haven’t always had the perseverance.   I’m working on that.  My first step was to complete a workbook with chapter by chapter assignments.  Even though some chapters were laden with additional assignments, and some assignments really made me balk, (or almost puke) and I sincerely wished I could quit, I went to the end.  Writers persevere.
The second lesson is that I don’t have the time.  I know. I know.  That’s the opposite of what I just said.  I’ve found that I’m busier than I realized.  And I’m really, really good at distractions.  And at promises that say I will do this later a.k.a. avoidance.  I’m working on this too.   I repeat to myself – I will be glad later on that I wrote, which handily outweighs the other mantra – I don’t want to.  Writers are focused. 

The third thing I’m learning is about trust.  Trust in the process – it might look like I’m up against a brick wall, but I will write something.  Write around it, or think about one sentence, or write down the difficulty in colored font and go on.  Or write what I think I need to do next.  Or put the keyboard away and read, carefully, watching for the way my words can come forth.  Or I can acknowledge that I’ve written enough for one day and I can wash the damn windows.  Go for a walk.  Bake some muffins.  There is always tomorrow when I will come back to the page.  In fact there are 86 more tomorrows.   How much will I have discovered by the time my 100 day challenge is over?  I want to find out.  Writers are curious.