Wednesday, September 10, 2014

100 Day Challenge

It’s begun!  This is day one.  Day one of a 100 Day Challenge, that is.  The idea presented itself a couple of months ago.  And last night at Writer’s Group, three of us outlined our writing goals for our own version of the 100 Day Challenge.

I have given this a bit of thought and here are my goals.  I have committed to writing at least 80 days of the next 100.  At the very least, but my life can take a twist or two where time gets away.  I have decided that I will complete a writing workbook entirely – to combat my tendency to skip assignments.  I have chosen a small collection of short stories to use as models for my next stories.   

I have great faith in the power of accountability.  So while it works for me to set  goals and to track my progress and to work though difficulties, no one knows but me when I slip and slide and suffer.  This will be different.  Just knowing that two other people are on day one, that two other people will put fingers to keyboard, will carve out a segment of their day to write, will be my sisters of the word has enormous power.   And if I falter?  I have two friends to help. 

Day one is good. 



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