Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's Not Natural

New Story! – New Link! 

It’s Not Natural is at SNReview.  I can’t tell you how pleased I was that this market took a second story from me.  Yahoo!  And as we were travelling when I received the e-mail that it would be published, I am very glad of my laptop.  Also, as luck would have it, I was in a community that had WiFi but only for the previous week to my using it.  We were the Yukon, which is amazing to visit, but quite remote and I wasn't sure what to expect for Internet service. 

It’s Not Natural is a story that I wrote during a winter long self-assignment.  I was reading a book of short stories and for every story I read, I decided what the other author’s story was about.  Then I would write a story about the same thing.  It’s Not Natural, I hope, has other layers but it began as a story about….someone who was unhealthy.  And so that’s part of the story behind the story.