Wednesday, June 8, 2016

One Thing At A Time

I discovered a long time ago that I wasn't a multi-task worker; especially when it comes to writing.  This doesn't mean that I am always happy with one-project-and-one-project-only focus, but I have discovered that focus is to be encouraged. 
Lately I have been pushing towards the completion of my blog book - Liz's Lymphedema Logbook.  This is progressing nicely and although I cannot say this with 100% certainty, I believe I have crossed the half-way mark.  I have joy in my heart that I have managed to come this far in this large project.  There have been at least two junctures where I had to overcome difficulties with the writing project.  This success alone makes the project worthwhile, because similar difficulties may well come up again.  My confidence is good that I can write my way forward to the completion of the blog book. 
And then...