Thursday, April 14, 2016

I-Write, You-Write

“The descriptions are vital to the scene.”  The writer said after several of our critique group said they had difficulty picturing the details within his story. 

I too, had the same problem.  Since some left-out details also raised problems within the story, I suggested that he select the details that the story needs and make sure those are clear. 

Now, as I think of this again, I would add this to my advice.

Your words do not have to give us a photograph, but an understanding.  And if that is done in an interesting manner, with words that are effective and entertaining, then it’s a job well-done.   



I'm bringing in a new feature at I-Write (formerly A Simple Blog).  Here's my first posting in the manner of a writers discussion, under the I-Write, You-Write label.

Just a tip, if you are unfamiliar with the label part of blogs, they are the words that can be found in red at the bottom of the essay.  If you click on one of them, a sort of similarly labeled posts appears.



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