Monday, April 25, 2016

Fear Plain and Simple, Revisited

From my archives

The concept is sound, I thought.  I would use April to launch my novel writing project.  Now April 20, 2015, I am less sure.  The outcome is not what I expected.  The plan that I expected to outline hasn’t happened.  The start point has not emerged.  Planning may just well be another term for procrastination. 

I know what’s going on.  It’s fear – plain and simple that has me stalled.  And the cure for that is to begin.  I have no plan but I don’t need one.  Many of my stories have been written without a plan as I use the D&D method.  Discovery and Decisions in turn has served me well in the past.  And many of my stories have been written without a plan. 

One of my writer friends describes writing as involving bum glue -place butt in chair in front of the writing project and work.  I have heard the advice ‘Stay in the room’ -work through the difficulties.  So here I go:  in the room and on the chair.   

April 2016. 

Fear isn’t particularly simple, but it is manageable.  I expect to have some fear/anxiety/nervous energy about writing and I have decided to welcome it.  Calmness might be seriously over-rated.  Calmness might be the opening theme for boring.   In the past year, I have learnt a few more things about planning as well. 

·       I now use sub-goal plans.  These sub-goals are tiny steps that I give my attention to.

·       I enlist accountability buddies.  At the moment, a friend and I are exchanging weekly logs that include the plan and the outcome.

·       I step back and view my actions as if from an outside observer.  Today, I see that I have checked my weekly log and I am writing a blog essay.  And the outside observer things works too as I imagine what I would do if I were moving towards my goals.  What I imagine often makes it onto the list of things to do. 

·       I take another angle if a goal is eluding me.  I was stalled in the goal of ‘make an outline’, so I borrowed one and made modifications.