Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Writers Gather

Lloydminster Reads had an evening with Gail Bowen on Monday evening and our writer's group travelled to enjoy the event.  This is my third time I have attended and I'm starting to recognize the audience.  Who are we?  I venture this guess.  A segment will be avid readers, another will be people involved with book sales or the library world.  And the third will be writers.  Writers working at their projects.  Writers hoping for inspiration.  Writers who have yet to commit to the actual work of writing.  Writers who have published, writers who have not.  Writers who cherish the dream, writers who struggle with the reality.  And we gather. 
Gail Bowen is also the host of a writer's workshop and a book signing at the local bookstore.  This busy lady and prolific writer entertained us, and for this writer and many more, inspired us.  Thank you Gail.  And thank you also for the great writer's group activity, Linda, Ruth and Cheryl.  Onward