Saturday, June 20, 2015


I've not enjoyed the joys of a formal advanced education, but I've always been a reader.  And among my treasures in my library is a little book called "Brush up your Shakespeare."  The author entertains and guides me through Shakespeare quotes in a way that expands my mind.  Call it Shakespeare light.  Now I've borrowed 'Shakespeare for Dummies' from the library and find my knowledge of Shakespeare enlarging. 
The thing is essentially, Shakespeare was a writer and as I read the analysis, albeit simple versions that they are, I am reading about his process.  I do not intend to become a scholar of the bard but I have come upon a method to use as I generate my fiction. 
Act I - Writer gets an idea and begins to use it.  Act II - Writer understands more of what makes fiction work.  And Act III - Writer works at this.
What Light through Yonder Window Breaks?

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