Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Plans

What will I do next?  It’s March 31, 2015 and I have pushed myself to complete two big projects so that I can devote my time to a new venture.   But poised and eager as I am on this threshold, I am unsure of my next step. 

It seems to me that I need to think about this quite seriously.  My new venture is a novel.  And novels are big. 

I need a way to finish this sentence…. I am going to….

I am going to …write the ending first?  Develop a set of characters that I simply follow? 

I am going to….decide on the theme?  Plot line? 

I need to figure this out.  And then there is the biggest question of all. 

How exactly will I manage to write a whole novel? 
My past record doesn’t go all the way around the track.  I have several fat files; 20,000 words in one, 14,000 words in another and yet a third that is filled with completed exercises from a novel writing how to book.   The 20,000 word file might be called a novel if you wanted to be kind, but really it is not an example of how I can do this. 

I know this is out of my comfort zone, I know there are no easy answers.  And yet when I sat down for my writing time this morning, I sort of expected some words to flow.  At the very least I expected a plan to formulate on the page.  And then I recognized the bad habit of too high expectations had sat down with me.  The remedy for that it to remind myself that it’s okay not to know. 

Everything is not about going forward and I need time to figure this out.  I need prep time.  I need to consider the mechanics of this.  I need time to consider the inspiration sources.  I need April in which to ponder. 




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