Sunday, November 16, 2014

Link to 'Nothing in the Cupboard'

I thought I would republish this popular posting.  As it says at the bottom.  Thanks for reading.

Link to 'Nothing In The Cupboard' 
Of all my published stories this has to be a favorite.  I wrote it pre-chemo brain and it languished for a number of years in a file.  Then I had an opportunity to send it for review by a 'real' writer.  She sent it back with a few corrections and the instructions that I was to start marketing more.  It was a turn-around moment for me. 
When I conceived this story, I wondered what would happen if you told two stories at the same time, one that went from beginning to end and one that went end to beginning.  When I found an intriguing obituary the story came together. This is the result.

Thanks for reading.

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