Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Hunting

Link to 'The Hunting'

And this is a popular posting that I've brought back.  Thanks for reading. 
The market 'Transistion' that took my story “The Hunting” do have another of my submission to consider.  They are a good market and I like to keep something on their desk as much as I can. 

The seed image that ‘The Hunting’ came out of was a casual encounter with two brothers who had returned to their old stomping grounds for another hunting season.  Their relationship was casual and comfortable but I asked myself what if this wasn’t the case. What if the hunting trip was crucially important to the siblings?   
I have an in-house hunter as my resource, and I received a compliment on the authenticity of the details from him as well as the editor.  Here’s the link to The Hunting.  Once you reach the site you will have to look a little further clicking on Get Involved -Transistion  and then choosing Spring 2012 and going to page 33.  Write that down and then click on  It’s a fine story, although dark.  Take the time to read it.

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