Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Tag

This little story has surprised me many times.  It began as a smile of recognition - I read of someone naming their belly pouch 'the Alien'.  That funny start lead to a picture in the mind and that picture lead to my writing this story.  Then I shook my head - Who in the world would read a story like this?  I don't have to market it, I thought.  Then a newsletter of market information arrived and I started submitting it here and there.  It was picked up and it gave me another example of how I am not the best judge of what might be accepted.  Now this little story it is surprising me by the company it is keeping.  Check it out yourself at The Human Touch Journal.  The Tag is on page 98, but type in 48 in the PDF bar to go right to it.  Here is your link - The Tag