Friday, December 2, 2016

The Pulling Teeth Method of Story Telling

I’ve finished the first draft of a story that took a lot of effort.  I had to pull out all the tricks, it seemed, to get this story onto the page.  I pre-wrote.  I wrote several versions.  I put it aside once thinking that it was beyond me.  It was dark, it was desperate.  I couldn’t bear it at times, nor could I set it aside.  I suffered along with my imaginary world, I feared for my equilibrium.  I brought the third or fourth beginning of this story to my writer group.  I went through my days with the plot puzzles riding on my shoulders.  I had to encourage myself often.  I tended to the emotional impact that I feared this story would have on my friend, the most important audience this story will have.  She gave me her blessings.  The publishing world gave me a couple of thumbs up in the form of other stories being accepted.  I persevered, but it felt a lot like pulling teeth.  Could I do this?  Eventually, I gave myself a deadline to be done and that was the final push.  Once I was finished I gave myself a rewarding break. 

The story is put aside now for a while so I can return with fresh eyes.  So I am catching up with my blog writing but also considering a new short story to work on.  I hope that the next one is less like pulling teeth, but I have learnt a little more about story telling dentistry. 

My story was like this Bald Eagle, I could tell it was there but a lot of twigs were in the way.

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