Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Recognizing Success

I know.  Why wouldn't a person know when they are successful?  Well, here's a couple of instances where I had to really think clearly to see that I was at my goal.  The first came while I was perusing books about writing.  A title popped up that included the promise that a 'rewarding writer's life' could be mine.  All I had to do was buy and read the book.  
Actually, all I had to do was think about this.  Was I being rewarded by my writer's life?  Yes, yes I was. 
I have some lamb in the freezer and the first time I brought out a package of ribs, I said to my dinner partner, aka husband, "I don't know how to cook this." 
He looked at me funny and then I shook my head.  I know how to cook and I must have cooked ribs before.  It isn't rocket science and my days of being anxious about how something would turn out should be long behind me. 
All I had to do was recognize my success in the kitchen.
I'll be curious to see what other successes are right under my nose, waiting for me to recognize them. 
This early snow is starting to melt. 

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