Saturday, September 10, 2016


When all else fails- cluster.  It’s a writing technique that I use often.  I use it to expand an inkling that hasn’t yet become an idea.  I use it when I have bogged down.  I use it just to play with words. 

What is a cluster, and how does a person cluster? – The first step is to choose a beginning word or phrase.  It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of time choosing this beginning; it will be written in the center of the page.  Then associate words are added and words that come forward from those.  You can circle them if you like and draw little dashes that suggest the order they arrived.  The center word usually ends up with a number of word chain legs, as some ideas will be loosely connected and need their own development.  Again, don’t think too much about what you are doing and why these phrases or ideas are coming forth.  THEN, there is a little bit of magic that happens.  The thing that you want to write about will jell in your mind.  The click happens.  That’s when you write. 

My cluster this morning is around an inkling that I believe holds a storyline.  Cluster pages, here I come.