Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Writing

I'm enjoying my summer which includes some welcome trips.  For the writer, it both a blessing and a curse.  The good part is that I'm gathering stories.  The bad part is that I have less time to use those impressions, details and story lines in actual writing.  What to do? 
Well, here's the plan. 
I will be writing in the form of exercises.  I have begun a 'Bits and Pieces' as my summer assignment.  These may or may not become part of a larger work, but that doesn't matter.  One of the first things I have done is to find sentences or paragraphs that I admire and use them as models for my own work.  So far this assignment has included these things as models.
A dialogue that is both quoted and summarized. 
A physical description that includes allusions to character.
A handling of time that is effective and brief. 

I have found that finding these models is a valuable exercise, I'm paying close attention to sentences and their purpose within a story.  I'm learning.  Always a good thing. 

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